Your magic power to love is

Good morning ☀️ Could you be holding onto your own magic power to the love you desire?

Your magic power to having the love you desire is FORGIVENESS. But more importantly, FORGIVENESS WITHOUT THE STING !

The world and some of our human beliefs about forgiveness is true forgiveness. To forgive on “any magnitude” rather if it’s forgiveness toward yourself or forgiveness toward others, removing the “sting” is the ultimate healing power .

It removes the speck out of your eye and you’re able to see with clarity and love. You’re able to hear with clarity. This changes your vibration to a higher level. It opens the doors to the very thing you desire. It allows it to come in. But when you “hold the sting” you repeat your that type karma (your beliefs or agreement that creates your reality). You swallow your own poison. The sting could be revenge, seeking to get back, save, or rescue by fighting back. But in truth forgiveness in any maginitude rather forgiving yourself or others, when you hold the sting, you hold what was tied to it and it becomes a cycle that you unconsciously call in.

The effects of that is repeating the same wounds, “thinking” you’re in another chapter in your life but it’s the same chapter. Or moving to the next job, next relationship, next love, next business deal etc. Yes, it plays a role in “every” area of your life. Your beliefs matter! You can’t hold onto the sting and “think” you’re bettering your life.

As I’ve stated, the world validates revenge and holding onto anger as a sign of power, but it’s a lie. It’s a huge illusion and in time I’m here to tell you that if this newsletter resonates where you are, you have the power with time and grace to heal and forgive and remove the sting .

So what is your sting ? With time and grace allow the vibration of love to shine light on your sting . You are love and there’s so much healing, freedom and miracles when you let go. I believe in you,

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