Here’s why it’s never I good time to give up on love

“You’ve tried and gave it your all. You’ve dug deep into the inner parts of your soul to find where your wounds lie. You’ve seen the unworthiness and the mother wounds you’ve carried and the societal misperceptions you thought you had about yourself.” I mean I went down the list and said “it still hasn’t showed up.” Well, maybe it isn’t for me. I’ll just release it and let it go. I’ll release the resistance of working hard and pounding at the pavement. I’ll release feeling that I have to “try hard” to receive love. I’m okay with releasing the struggle of trying. I’m okay with releasing that part of me that feels and “ believes” that she’s not seen. I’m okay with not peaking around the corner anymore, looking for clues. That energy was deep seated inside of me on my quest of awakening. That maybe “if I did all the STUFF” I’d get my prize.

BUT THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. Truth is, it works with ease!!!!!!! If it feels hard, it’s only the “stuff, the beliefs” that’s in your system and in your conscious that’s in resistance to this truth.

It works when you stop trying!!!!!!

I know…… crazy right?! Or shall I say, “amazing right?” But it’s true. If you can relate, I’ve been taught to pound the pavement, to jump through hoops in hopes that I’ll be seen. But I truly feel this in my heart ♥️ and soul. Release the doubt and the “hard stuff” of trying is why I’m writing to you. This is what is good to know about love and it’s available now, tap within it. It’s there!

There’s soooooo much junk out there that I’ve gotten caught up into the web and strings of attachment and agreements that I’ve identified myself to in the world, so much! This is the essence of love, love is felt with ease. Love is light yet strong. Love is pure yet loving . Love is forgiving and kind. Love is sweet yet soft. Love is a rescuer without the cape. I use to believe that i had to wait for love to save me from my wounds and sweep me off of my feet to heal me, that I was hopeless and to wait for something on the outside of me to happen. And no, just no that’s not it. There’s a deeper ocean we’re diving into within the soul. Allow love to reveal what already is. You’re doing so well and I’m proud of you.

What stipulations have you put on love?

Have you given up? It could be the set of beliefs you need to release.

Well please don’t give up on love, but it is beneficial to let go of the human and societal beliefs about love. read this over if you feel lead and allow it to rest in your heart ♥️. May this be an imprint on your heart ♥️ and however it lands within your soul to heal and may you feel with each step more light and truth within of what it really is. Thank you for allowing me this time to let me be in your space.

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