My Eight Year Journey With God: Embracing Transformation And Authenticity

My Eight-Year Journey with God: Embracing Transformation and Authenticity

For the past eight years, I’ve been on a profound journey with God—a journey that was more than just spiritual; it was a deep, seven-year healing process often described as the “dark night of the soul.” During this time, much of my identity and belief patterns were stripped away, leaving me feeling raw and exposed. It wasn’t just about losing weight or changing habits; it was about unearthing my true self.

The Stripping Away of the False Self

In the beginning, I felt a profound sense of loss as layers of my identity were peeled away. These layers were not truly who I was, but rather the false self I had built up over years. This process felt incredibly raw and challenging. My weight loss was a byproduct of this intense spiritual journey. I was not just changing physically; I was transforming into who I was always meant to be—a new creature, or perhaps, more accurately, reverting to my original design.

Understanding Human Programming

As I delved deeper into this journey, I began to understand human programming. I realized that many of our beliefs and patterns are rooted in fear, lack, and survival. God created me differently, to share a higher truth and a higher state of consciousness. This required me to temporarily adopt the beliefs and habits of those around me—to go “undercover,” so to speak. Even though I felt out of place, I always knew deep down that I was different. This inner knowing guided me through my darkest times.

Awakening and Illumination

During my dark night of the soul, I experienced an awakening. God illuminated the belief patterns that were rooted in darkness and shadows. Darkness, I learned, is simply the absence of light—the absence of truth. It manifests as low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, and the heavy burdens we carry. As I stepped into the light, my whole self began to illuminate.

The Hard Part: Letting Go

The most challenging aspect of this journey was uprooting deeply ingrained beliefs and fears. It required a tremendous amount of faith and trust in God. I couldn’t revert to my old ways, no matter how familiar and comfortable they were. God was guiding me to let go of everything that wasn’t truly me. This included unhealthy eating habits, toxic relationships, career paths, and even certain ways of thinking.

Pruning and Wilderness

This journey felt like a wilderness period—a time of pruning and refining. I knew God was with me, but it was still incredibly frightening. God sent the right people into my life to help me navigate this path, but I also had to let go of some of them along the way. This pruning process was intense, but it was necessary for my growth.

The Final Year: The Hardest Part

As I neared the end of this seven-year period, the journey became even more challenging. I felt the spiritual battle more acutely. There was a constant struggle between my physical reality and the spiritual truths God was revealing to me. Fear often felt like a stronghold, but I was determined to let go and stay close to the Spirit.

Stepping into a New Season

Now, I am in a new season—a green light season. After years of pausing and being still, I am finally moving forward. I have learned to trust the lessons and truths that were planted in me during the wilderness. Everything I desire to manifest in my life starts from within. The physical actions we take are merely byproducts of our inner state.

Trusting the Spirit

As I navigate this new chapter, I continue to listen to the Spirit. I trust the guidance I receive and the people God places in my life. Every step I take is informed by this divine guidance. I haven’t “arrived”—I’m still on this journey, still listening, still learning.

Final Thoughts

If you are on a similar journey, trust the process. Listen to your intuition and the Spirit within you. Surround yourself with people who support your growth and confirm the truths you’ve received. Embrace the transformation, no matter how challenging it may be. Remember, everything starts from within.

I hope my story inspires and helps you on your own path to authenticity and enlightenment.

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