Dying To The Old Self In Exchange for Healing and Abundance

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I was trying to find all the beautiful graphics that can come with a pretty blog. I really like visual effects. I couldn’t find it. So I just started typing 🙂

As I reflect on this morning, as I often do, it’s now become a ritual right. I recorded my thoughts on my phone about my “profound” spiritual journey of transformation and surrender/releasing my old self. In this blog I’ll be sharing about my concept of “dying to the old self” and embracing a new, divinely guided self. What it required of me was “immense courage”, faith and a willingness to let go of deeply ingrained patterns and identities. So here it goes:)!

Transformation and Surrender

The process of spiritual transformation involves letting go of the old identities and ways of being that hinder one’s relationship with God! Identity runnnnns DEEP man! Identity was HUGE for a girl like me growing up, believing I had to defend myself in my environment. Also, my identity (the old me) was greatly validated and rooted in self-respect and protection. Now, there is some good in that, however I found it beneficial to sift the wheat from the tare! Alot of my values that were instilled in me as a child ran DEEP, and those values were often times rooted in fear. Such as my need to be on guard all the time and defend who I was! Now, I understood why I believed or showed up that way. But it took some yearssss to really sit with that and let those attachments and fears go! It was too heavy to carry in my mind and essence of being!

What I thought were values were often times advice given from loved ones who never healed from their traumatic experiences! The other messages and agreements I attached myself to was influenced by social media, school, friends and other outside impacts that assisted in shaping my world and sense of self.

They weren’t all bad, but I had to sit with myself to listen to The Spirit of Truth (John14:17) to help me untie and release from what was not me. This meant surrendering and releasing my personal attachments, belief patterns, old energy and societal expectations to embrace divine guidance.

Listening to Your Body

Attuning to the body’s signals and inner wisdom is essential. Yes, when God opened my mind to the internal weight I was carrying, I instantly became connected to what my body was feeling. I no longer became numb and drowning myself with food. My body was becoming more receptive to light, newfound revelations. I knew and started feeling when my body was misaligned with my true resonance and purpose. The more I started listening to my body and released more of the weight, internal baggage, the more I began to feel lighter. It was extremely HARD, because of what I had to work through within myself! But, I knew I was on the right path. What path are you willing to take?

The Courage to Choose the Divine Path

Choosing to follow a path aligned with God’s will requires bravery, especially when it contradicts societal norms and expectations. This often involves enduring misunderstandings and judgments from others. Ouch! I think that was the hardest part for me. Letting my family down, sort to speak when I didn’t do what they wanted me to do. All because I chose myself, by healing! I couldn’t operate the way I use to anymore and it did disappoint some. But I knew that I had to show up in truth and I had to heal me. I mean, the truth is that my loved ones loved me, but they could not be the ones to heal me at the end of the day. Yes, they can help you, BUT it is you that has to choose that path for yourself. So, I had to choose when to rest, choose when to listen to my body, choose to follow my inner guidance and wisdom. It was EXTREMELY HARD for me to choose that, because I didn’t want to convey the message that I didn’t care. But, I found out that if you are honest with you and if you feel lead to share parts of you to them about your journey then do so. If you are not in the space to, then that is fine as well! If they are meant to be, stay or recircle back into your life, THEY WILL. This will also (as you remain true to do your inner work), along with their free will help them heal the areas within themselves that may need evaluating. That’s what it’s all about but at the end of the day. I had to have the courage to believe in myself and the path I was being guided to take!

I believe I will stop here and give you part 2 on tomorrow! Hopefully these bullet points have helped you an anyway. I’d love to hear your revelation in the comments. No negativity or putting others down. We are here to share honest revelations but make sure your comments are uplifting and will inspire others for change!

Did you know that I’m also a singer? I have a short album that is called and EP, not sure what EP stands for but there’s a song called “Path of truth” that I believe aligns with this message. Click here to download https://music.apple.com/us/album/my-king-ep/1124710239

Don’t forget PART 2 of my blog will be uploaded this week. Until next time!

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