A Higher Truth About Money

Changing your mindset and relationship

with money.

Out With The Old and In With the New!

In this blog, I’m writing to you my personal journey I took with God to change ME. See, before I share with you my revelation about my MindShift I chose to make about money, I’d like to share that I changed my former belief patterns about meeeeeeeee! YURP, that’s right.

My background story is, over 8 years ago I had a conversation with God. More like an intervention. My life was going terribly bad. I slept with anxiety, entertained the thought of suicide, felt restless, battled with depression, was terribly afraid of dying, chased after money. I mean, this list goes on! I knew that this wasn’t the path for me, I knew that I wanted to change and I knew God could help me! I just didn’t know how at the time. Well, 8 years later after having a conversation with God and I was told that the reason my life was the way it was, was due to the belief patterns that I carried. Not only that, but that I was going to change dramatically and quickly.

This process lead me to releasing ALOT of internal belief patters and also physical weight as well. Yeah, I lost over 50 pounds from doing the internal work. To learn more on that, you can definitely check out my link of resources to help YOU on your journey, http://www.cammieknight.org/links.

But this time, I’m not here to talk about my weight. I’m here to share with you about how my relationship slowly changed about money. It was slow process for me, but I’m here!

Don’t focus on some else’s journey, focus on yours!

A few years back, I’d say around mid to end of the pandemic 2022. God shared with me in my spirit that, I was trying to “make” money. And that I didn’t need to do that. WHAT???????? I was told by The Spirit that my beliefs around money was about to change. And believing I needed to make or earn money was not the truth about money. YIKES!!!!!! What a mind shift! I lived all of my life afraid of money. Believing that money had power over me.

I mean, it was something guys!!!! And I was deeply rooted in those beliefs.

So how did I change and become free?

Well, I first realized that what God spoke to me wasn’t a lie! And I slowly stopped running and chasing after money. It was a process, but I slowly started following the direction of truth. Meaning, what God spoke over me, I chose to take the path of. Even if it didn’t make sense and even if I was being shown this lesson over and over again. I had to keep choosing the truth and every time I chose to go back to my old beliefs, I couldn’t stay in that space long. I went right back to the truth.

I was shown that money is not my source, but GOD IS! Not only that but that The Spirit of God lived within me. And it was through that where my source of abundance lived! I purchased a book by Randolph Price “40 days of prosperity.” I had this book since 2022 and honestly took me some time to release my old habits surrounding money, buuuut I’m here. I would encourage you to do the same if you’re struggling in that area. I would encourage you to go to God! He’ll change your life, if you allow him to. Listen, take the time to LISTEN! Even if the instructions you are hearing, DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. Do what The Spirit is telling you to do. You can always trust it! To listen to my full podcast episode on this subject, click here https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/cammie-sharon-knight/episodes/A-Higher-Truth-About-Money-e2gbrge/a-ab0r30p

That’s all I have for now! If you feel lead to listen to the podcast, let me know what take aways you receive!

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