Do I want someone to love ❤️ me like that?

Good morning ☀️

Can you believe it’s Friday already?

I’ve had to sit with myself and really evaluate how I’ve been showing up in love.

I was triggered on this week from watching something on the internet and listening to a few speeches on love and marriage.

And they became triggering to me and later on in the day I became upset 😠. So much to the point where I said, “FORGET THIS WHOLE JOURNEY 😵‍💫🥴.” 😯


Double yikes!!!!

One, I’d like to mention the verse in the Bible that says, “the eyes are the gateway to the soul.” (State of consciousness)

That doesn’t just mean be mindful of watching things that are not healthy for your soul like porn or any other thing that can pull you away from God, but from my experience, some stuff that isn’t necessarily ill 🤒 intent isn’t good for your soul either.

I’ve been given specific instructions by God to not listen to or watch certain things. These things or people weren’t “bad” 🤷🏾‍♀️😏, it just derailed me from God’s truth for me. It created a static from me listening 👂 to the voice of God and to follow that path.

I understand the importance of shielding myself and to stand in God’s truth for my life.

In watching certain feeds on social media and or listening to certain topics that I was instructed not to listen to, I did them anyway. Thinking, “this one time won’t hurt. Or they’re a great leader or speaker.” But that’s not the point. The point is, a distraction is a distraction. It doesn’t always come in a red outfit, horns and a fork! 😏

So, I’ve learned that in disobeying those instructions it derails me from God’s alignment for my life and yours.

And in my case, since God has called me to A Higher Love. Which is loving God’s way that’s naturally wired within me, it was just the things and other stuff that got in the way of that truth.

So now, that I’m returning back to that place , I’ve learned so much about love.

A family member shared with me about the time I was in my dark night of the soul and how they felt during that time. They felt somewhat abandoned by me. They recognized later on that, it wasn’t personal. They knew I was going through a process and they knew and felt how my future self would be.

It hurt them and it was something that they had to work through to understand that it wasn’t personal.

Then I thought about my own trigger this week towards a loved one who was experiencing a similar process that I had already gone through. And in their process, I have taken things personal 😣.

I’ve given them ultimatums and grew anger in my heart ♥️.


“Did God treat you that way in your process Cammie? Is that the love God has called you to?”

I asked myself

And the answer is NO!

This is why it’s important to listen to God instructions. Listen to the path he’s called you to. There will be great joy in the process. It has not been easy by far. I mean, look at me 😵‍💫🥴!

God literally changed me (with my free will) from the inside out! A complete 360! 😇🙌🏾

And I’m so very thankful 🥲 for it. It was and isssss worth itttt!

All, because I chose to follow his path for my life!

What are you willing to lay down today and follow?

What has God called you to?

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