Hugging the wounded part of you is essential to self love ♥️

Written by Cammie Knight

One of the things I have learned is to truly love the wounded part of me.

See, the wounded part of me was very battered and broken.

The wounded part of me felt unnoticed

The wounded part of me didn’t feel loved

The wounded part of me didn’t feel like she was enough.

And guess what, (she’s still in me but I’ve learned to nurse her and love her as she heals) I’ve come a long way and si can you.

Are you Patient enough to heal that part of you?

Are you patient enough to hold her/his hand when she doesn’t feel loved?

How do you treat your wounded other self?

This is also a very important component to self love.

How do you expect someone else to live you in that way if your aren’t giving it to yourself? ☺️

The replay of this past Sunday’s webinar will be sent out to you this week!

I’m also very excited to share my 12 month life changing program with you, coming soon as well. I have something for you for the month of November to help you specifically in the area of healing the internal and external weight thats the foundation for the 12 month journey you’ll be taking with me, yaaaaay. All of these details and more will be coming to an email near you ! Whooopp whoooop!

Look out for emails to come.

I love you and I am with you ♥️

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