Good morning ☀️ I’d like to share something with you. I had a dream last night that made things so clear to me what one of my struggles were. Let me start off by saying this……

Truth is I did ALOT of hiding growing up.

ALOT did I say that already?

Well anyway, it felt like I couldn’t BREATHE.

It’s interesting how others put their labels on you base out of their insecurity. No, I’m not judging, just calling as I perceive it. ☺️

But one of the reasons why I resorted to food was to escape .

It was my place where I could go, to make me feel better. When I’d come out of that “trance” I’d go back into the world of pressure.

Although I enjoyed singing, and did it very well it was another thing i hid from.

I never truly wanted to sing because it felt like another badge of honor on one of my loved one’s heart ♥️. Everything was revolved around making someone else look good and feel good. And if I decided to do what I wanted to do, it was as if I was attacked and they’d add the God guilt on there. “If you do it this way, God won’t be pleased.”

Which was not the truth. Sometimes people will put “God” in things just to get their way. So I hid from God and people for that matter . And I resorted to food.

I’ll share the rest with you on Sunday at 2pm. I’ll also be sharing about fears and doubts and why some May choose to hide. The program I mentioned to you before is about healing the internal weight (no longer hiding) to release the external weight. The 30 start program begins November 1st and the 12 month program begins the beginning of January of next year. I’ll share more on Sunday. I hope to see you there ☺️. The link to get in is here https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81700492925

Enjoy your day

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