Worthiness isn’t banging down the door

This is a THICK word! Something to chew on. It’s not popular but necessary!

I’ve been shown a few things about not feeling worthy enough or just not feeling like you’re not enough period.

I’ve lived in that spot light most of my life and what I’ve keep being shown in this process is that the reason I and many others struggle with not being worthy enough is because of what we’ve gathered to believe in this world .

Men versus women, white versus brown, long hair versus short hair and the list goes on. But what I’ve been shown is that when we (in our human conditions and epiphanies instead of walking in the spirit) wake up and “feel worthy enough of something” it’s still in our human form because we still think that worthiness is measured. So we say things like, “I’m better than this, I deserve better than this, I shouldn’t be treated that way, I’ll make sure this never happens to me again, or you won’t ever walk over me again, I’ll make sure of it. There is some truth in those statements but when it comes from a place of fear, we aren’t being our true selves not hearing the LIGHT in the lesson that wants to be shown to you.

Instead, we take matters into our own hands (without consulting God or listening to our Spirit) because we’ve stored these experiences and scars in our bodies and I completely understand because I was the same way and battle with from time to time today.

But God keeps showing me in dreams and in my own life that, those symptoms of cause and effect are human baggage . When we feel threatened, this is what we’ve taken on as our human baggage to save us. Because we “think” that we’ve acquired the essence that we are enough. (Stay with me please I’m going somewhere ). But in truth, we’re still wounded because we’re running from something we don’t need to run from. We’re running from something (and I get it) because it’s our way of protecting ourselves. This message is not to tell you what’s right or wrong, it’s a message to encourage you to follow The Spirit and TRUST IT.

Stay with me stay with me, I’m going somewhere while asking the Spirit to guide me.

So, when we carry these human baggage’s we move on to the next thing, but that scar is still there. That human baggage is still there. This is why we end up in the same cycle of marriages, friendships, jobs we do not like, because we haven’t dealt with releasing and moving the wounds that was put there in the first place.

When we say we are worthy, it is not in the way we were taught. Or in our human “conditions” of what worthiness is. Take off the bandit signs and the boycotting of what you are not going to take anymore that can be consumed in anger and fear and follow the Consciousness of Christ.
You are none of those things.

You are worthy. Your mere existence is worthiness. God will place things and opportunities into our hands as you follow him. The world, human baggage can be so noisy to the point to where we can’t hear. I know all too well of those beliefs. The Divine knows your beginning and your end. It starts with a daily letting go of all of that stuff, because when you see yourself in TRUTH, before all of that “STUFF” came along, you will no longer feel the need to hold up your need to stomp your voice to prove in your human form that you are worthy. That’s fear talking not who you really are.

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