They didn’t mean to hurt you

It’s the hurt inside that was shown towards you. Please know this

Are you mirroring back someone else’s childhood wounds and they did not even know and vice versa? (pause and THINK ABOUT IT from BOTH SIDES)

Hi! As you know my journey of ascension and healing was quite different. God was showing me ALOT of shadows that I was presenting in my life and personal relationships. And I was also able to see how I mirrored back my counterpart’s scars and in the lives of my loved ones as well.

It’s not personal, even if they hurt you or rejected you and the same goes for you. When you’ve hurt a loved one or your counterpart with your words or actions, it’s not personal. It’s mirroring back a wound or a shadow and what comes out is what’s inside! That’s as simple as I can put it.

Sooooo now that you know that, you can look within yourself and heal your heart by sending love and light to those wounded areas. It’s quite beneficial and so good to start with YOU! You have to heal the wounds with your free will within yourself first in order to recognize it in someone else. I’m telling you something that I know.

Please also know this! You have to release through your process, as much as you are willing to allow, with the help of God, through grace, your will and patience. It’s too heavy to carry and it blinds you of your healing and distorts the truth because you’ve been on overdrive out of fear, so you protect yourself.

So you can stop running now AND you can understand why your loved one was running. They’re just really afraid and you just might be mirroring back their scars and that can be scary for someone who’s inner child is wounded. They just know that running is the best way to keep themselves protected. This also applies to you as well, same mirror. Your counterpart (especially) or loved one could be mirroring back the wounds from your inner child. So signs of running could be, acting out of hurt, harsh inflicting words, you/they’ll reject them or they’ll reject you first before you reject them,
Looking back, now that my lends is so much more clearer now, I SEE how those symptoms played out in my life. So please go easy on yourself and go within. The only way I’ve found to heal that fear is to ask God and your soul to reveal to you how to heal it and that way is through LOVE ❤️. Love has the power to HEAL ALL WOUNDS, unconditional love, but it starts with YOU.

Clearing that hurt in your heart will allow clarity, to hear the truth from your soul to set you free. I am excited to be bringing to you in the near future, “Heal Your Heart’s Dis-ease.” Where I cover it all! I hope this newsletter brings to you peace and healing in your heart and soul.

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