was afraid to ASK WHAT I WANTED, here’s why‍♀️

Good morning ☀️

Where do I begin, well I’ll just start. Growing up I believed that I couldn’t have what I wanted. If I was given something it was either, one something I didn’t truly want or two i believed that if I wanted it I had to get it myself but it always felt like I couldn’t truly have what I wanted.

So on my journey of healing, discovering, unveiling, and revealing I was being guided every step of the way, along with my free will to step into the unknown, while remembering who I truly am.

Want to know who you truly are? Take a look back at the child you were. Right around the time before you cared what anyone thought of you or had an opinion about you.

When you were carefree and authentically you! This is who you really are!

Before the blocks set in and before the fears set in.

Now my question to you is, could your old beliefs that you keep around out of fear be the very thing blocking you from your bliss?

I know that it was for me and I’m here to share with you my story.

As my old beliefs were leaving my system, one of the BIGGEST strongholds I had was the belief that life was hard, and what I mentioned to you earlier about not truly having what I wanting and being afraid to love.

It was those very beliefs that I found myself wrestling with this week.

I was being awakened early in the morning, late at night. As if my guardian angels and guidance team was rewiring my system. I didn’t feel stressed but I did feel something happening within me that I couldn’t quite articulate.

Then it happened! I had shared with a friend about one of the blocks I had about love and how that block lifted off of me that night.

Right when I confessed it that night and felt it, I had a ROUGH time sleeping . I was tossing and turning and it carried till the next morning and into the day. I cried, was angry, paused, cried some more, was angry and paused some more.

What was happening, I believe was when I made the exchange to release that stronghold/block within me, the lower part of me was having a struggle with releasing and letting go. My system was being upgraded but my fears wanted to stay. The old part of me that was afraid and wanted to stay angry, the part of me that felt I wasn’t protected and kept my wall up because of it, that part of me who NEVER ALLOWED HERSELF TO BREATHE, that was the identity in me. The part of me that was afraid to open my heart . The part of me in which I identified myself as being afraid to love, not getting what I wanted, and staying defensive.

That part of me I thought that I had to keep around.

When it was time for an upgrade!

In order to upgrade your system, you have to remove the old software.


1. You have to feel and order to heal.
babeyyyyyy when I tell you, I ALLOW myself to FEEL. I will literally SIT in my car and let it alllllll out. I don’t rush it!!! Which takes me to my next point…….

2. Don’t rush it, don’t judge it, but know that you have power over IT .

(My friend just said, “God has given us the power to CHOOSE” )

You truly do have power over it! BUT that does NOT MEAN you ignore it. Remember what I said, “YOU HAVE TO FEEL IN ORDER TO HEAL.”

3. We feel so that we can heal, but the purpose of it is so that we can create a new and better cycle of beliefs for our lives, which is in divine alignment for our greatest good. The will of God for our lives, which is what we already have placed on the inside of us. It just maybe under the hurt, the misperceived identity of self that is causing you more harm than good. You may not be aware of it because it maybe all you “think” you know. But it’s NOT, it’s NOT AT ALL. There is more in you. We just need to uproot what could be blocking you.

What could be blocking you?

If you are triggered by anything or carrying pain or fear from your past, this is good! Because you’re able be grateful to your body for feeling this. It’s your body’s way of saying, this doesn’t feel right and when you are ready your soul will guide you into how to heal and release from that stuff.

I want to thank you for letting me share. ♥️

You have everything you need on your continued journey to be the best you, you can be.

It was suggested by a friend and another teacher of mine whom I admire dearly, to write down what you want. Speak it!!! Feel how liberating that is in your soul, taste it, visualize it, and draw more of that into your now moment. Watch and see the old software (old beliefs) start to dissolve and clear. Please go easy on yourself as you allow them to be released, cry, journal, walk outside, ask the questions, sit with yourself in silence, and allow that stuff to come up.

I’m with you ever step of the way.

Here’s a tip. Ask yourself, what are my old beliefs? What do I have that is blocking me from who I truly am? What belief(s) do I feel I need to hold onto out of fear?

You are none of those things, hey…. I have something for you. It’s called creative visualization, take a listen on my free healing audio bundle download on my website www.cammieknight.org click under “courses”. It’ll help you shift out of the old and take ownership over what is truly inside of you that maybe hidden by fear.

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