Sexuality and Vulnerability (my story)

Sexuality, vulnerability , and connection goes hand and hand. On my healing journey, I had to break free from being okay with being a girl, and a beautiful, fun, expressive, sensual, kind, loving, caring one at that. 
I had to learn how to peel away all the layers of fear that I thought I had to believe.

Your sensuality and sexuality is apart of your expression and connection with yourself. It was instilled in me so long that expression was WRONG, yet it was ONLY okay to express myself if I was singing in church or talking about God. 

There was a lot of “red lights” I was taught as a little girl. So much so, to where I felt trapped inside and I expressed it through food. I also, felt trapped which was why my CLAP BACK was so hard.

( In case you do not know what a “clap back” means, it’s just another way of coming with your “best line” to tell people like it is. So that you can show them who they better not to mess with.) 

All of these “TRIGGERS” was emotional discord that I took on ever since I can remember until I went on my healing journey.

Often times, our human forms, conditions, other people sharing what they feel is best for you can be derived from their wounds that they inflict on you. It’s okay, you can let it go! 

Join me, Sunday November 8th at 12noon on my Facebook page,

as I share with you “How To Heal From What Triggers Us” 

*What are triggers ? 

*Where do they come from ?

*How do we heal from them? 

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