I was DROWNED in anxiety, but not anymore and here’s why! ☺️

I lived with anxiety and fear most of my life. It wasn’t “UNTIL RECENT” honestly, where I’ve been able to clear away and have a new mind.

Now, my recent change didn’t just happened overnight. It was because I put in the work!

This is why I’m here, to share with you…….


Then I later learned and realized, the more emphasis I put on what was wrong, the more I was creating the very thing I did not want.

Anxiety is an emotion that stems from a belief!

How do we shift the emotion? We first have to change and find out WHY WE BELIEVE THEM.

Let’s start there.

Our behavior is a learned belief that often times start in our early years, believe it or not.

I remember I was told to believe certain things just about life and myself. Now, although they meant well, they were teaching from their perspective. I took on those beliefs base out of what I was told, consciously and more important unconsciously.
What we see and take in on a conscious and unconscious level is really good to become aware of.

How you view yourself and why you view them is another thing to observe.

We can unlock this, shift our beliefs and stand in our power.

Here’s some tips!

1. Identify the trigger. The trigger is an emotional response base out of a belief.
2. What is the belief?

3. Is the belief causing you more harm or good?

You know, if you were like me, I didn’t even know I had the power to be able to rectify the belief, shift them and most importantly, RELEASE THE ENERGY OUT OF MY HEART MIND AND SOUL. Download my HEAL YOUR HEART AUDIO and also, take the free quiz to help you asses where your beliefs lie. Take the free quiz by becoming a subscriber!

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I have more coming to you to help you HEAL YOUR HEART, rectify your beliefs and live with a light heart. When you live with a light heart and shift your beliefs, remove the energy behind the belief you will feel and BE so much better as a way of life. I know this to be true because I’m living proof.

Until next time, I believe In you.

You can write me, or make a one on one session to help you identify what is blocking you. Again, until next time.

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