Weaning Your Old Wounds Away To Expand In Love (It starts from within)

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day. As we come off of this Mother’s Day Weekend, I’ve had some amazing reflections on how far I’ve come on my journey of healing, growth, expanded consciousness, power and love. If you’ve been following me, then you know my story that I share about my awakening that happened a few years prior. God opened my eyes to the truth and I began seeing how I picked up old wounds from my parents, and past generations of fears, beliefs and perceptions of how I viewed myself and the world around me. You can check my previous blog, as it pertains to healing from old childhood wounds and also my website www.cammieknight.org where I have helpful resources on how to heal from childhood wounds.

You know, ALOT of our stuff that we experience internally has to do with what we experienced, perceived, believed and absorbed energetically in our childhood and it formed as wounds. In our adulthood we carry those wounds, if we are not aware that we are causing ourselves more harm than good “within.” Those wounds or parasites become the leader of our thinking, the way we give and receive. Yeah, you know…..I remember having fear lead my life and it was so unsettling. Yet, because of what I saw growing up in my environment, I absorbed energetically those wounds that weren’t even mine. Can you relate?

These very wounds, like abandonment, not feeling enough, feeling that I couldn’t trust, insecurity and low self esteem/image of myself was fueling my life. These are what we call “wounds.”

So when I went on my dark night of the soul, it felt “dark” but what actually was happening I was being RELEASED from those wounds. I was awakening consciously and was CONSTANTLY shown the truth of who I was and the wounds that I had in my system. I was shown “why and how” I perceived myself, God, and the world through those filters. I was experiencing all of those fears in my 3D outside world. I thought for a while, that I needed to “fix” my outside world, but that’s not what my inner voice was telling me. My inner leading was guiding me to “go within.” It was very challenging for me because “my habits” and rhythm was use to acting out and “fixing” things verbally and physically which was fueled out of my distorted beliefs and perceptions.

The beauty in experiencing the “hurt” in my life was actually what some would call “old karmic wounds.” To put it in simpler terms, the fears and wounds I had “stuck” in my system was what I was playing out in my everyday life. So how did I end the cycle, because you can end the cycle… hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Well, I started by going to God. I had reached a point in my life where I was restless and broken. I knew something was always with me, a presence an inner knowing. I knew that the path I was going was doing me more harm than any kind of good. So I cried out to God and that’s when I began going within and saw the wounds and distorted beliefs. I was guided in how to heal from them. I promised you that, you can heal yourself by being still and quiet. When you are still and quiet, you’re able to hear direction on your path of true healing. You maybe guided to read an article, or go for a walk, cry, journal, seek counseling, meditate, or pray. Whatever it maybe, you can trust that your inner being knows what you need to heal completely. I’m a testament to that divine healing journey. I stated before, and you can head over to my website to help you with other resources.

My title is about weaning your wounds away, and I wanted talk about this in further detail. I’m very joyful internally as I am getting ready to share this with you:). I think this will really help, when you’re open to it. So here it goes:). You know, I know all about breaking away from old wounds and beliefs and can feel like a stronghold that you just can’t “seem” to break. But it can and will, it’s a path not a one step and done recipe. So as I’ve stated before, go eeeeaaaasy on you. I think I’ll say it again, “goo……eeeeeaaaaasyyyyyy on you.”

In “releasing” the old story, or the old wounds there has to be an act of will on your part. God, Love is not going to force it’s way. It is there to help and assist. You come from this Divine Spirit of Love and deep compassion for you, however you have free will. So, if your will is to release the old wounds “YOU WILL,” it just may take some time and that’s okay. The best things happen in time. The most valuable things takes it’s time. We live in a society that quickly gives us images that just aren’t real ya know? These images and perceptions gets embedded in our mind that “things” are suppose to be that way, and we often times can “miss” our own inner voice of the truth that truly can set us free.

In weaning away from your wounds, to become free and walk in love an power because love is power! Think of weaning a baby off of a mother’s breast. It’s an intuitive flow. When a mother is listening to her intuition she knows when how how ween her baby. Sometimes, it’s cold turkey or sometimes it maybe a daily step that she takes. All in all it is an intuitive thing and you know what your mission is because you know what is best. Yes, your inner knowing knows what is best. Your soul knows what is best concerning you. God knows what is best concerning you and is ALWAYS in constant pursuit of you healing and standing your authentic truth. That can be hard to believe if you didn’t feel safe as a child or secure from your parents or guardians growing up. You can get back to a place of balance and rewrite your story, I AM A TESTAMENT to that that truth. Just because your people believed a certain way about the world and themselves does not mean that you have to have the same beliefs. Just because your father abandoned you, does NOT mean that has to be your story. YOU CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE NOW.

It starts with your decision. I’m sure you tell that I got excited while typing, well that’s because I know it to be true! Take your time with the wounds you picked up or absorbed. Take your time with YOU. There is so much in you that is AMAZING that wants to come out. It truly is all about love. When you get to that place of knowing that you are love and that it LIVES within you and surrounds you, your perspective and view of things will change. Everything that you desire, lives within YOU to fulfill. Weening away from your wounds, may take time but it issssss worth it. You were made to love and it starts with you.

I’ll talk to you soon

Cammie S. Knight

A Higher Love

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