Written by Cammie Knight

It can seem like the most painful feeling to have experienced this or be experiencing this but can I share with you a brighter clearer perspective that will not only change “your” life, which can change the way you look, believe, receive and give. It can change the course of your life and you have the power within you to do it.

So let’s break this down shall we? Rejection….ouch! That maybe a painful word for some. I mean when you think about it, it’s not something you’ve been taught as a good thing right? Especially, if you were rejected as a child or in your past. If I may, let me help you with this one. Let’s start off with your experience of rejection as a child. You may have put up a wall from your experience to protect yourself, which caused you to put a wall of protection over your heart. It’s a natural defense that happens. It’s the body’s way of protecting itself. However, it clouds your judgement and interferes with your the flow of listening to your intuition and your own rhythm. Especially, if you’ve been on overdrive of “fearing rejection” and have it “stuck” in your system as your belief.

Listen, I know all too well of having that belief as my shield. I also experienced over time that it was because of my beliefs rooted in fear (in particular the fear of rejection) that was blocking my true path. It distorted my perspective and the way I loved. I saw myself and the world around me through distortion and fear. It was the wound that was the trajectory of my relationship with myself and in turn with others. IT ALL STARTED WITH ME. I had to accept that, even though I had experienced rejection in my past that I had the power to change my perspective, see the opportunity in it, allow myself to heal, and to stand in my power which is LOVE.

I know that may seem daunting if you are battling with that type of fear. Like I’ve said, I have battled with it most of my life (and past life I believe) and it wasn’t until I went through my own dark night of the soul where God spoke to me and I awakened consciously to all the “stuff/fears” that I took in. Not only that, but that it wasn’t who I was. It was what I absorbed energetically in my system as my truth. I was getting ready to EXPERIENCE who I truly was. When I went on the journey of “unlearning” one of the blocks or fears I had very HEAVY was the fear of rejection.

You know, as children we are trying to find our way. How we think and see the world and I just didn’t quite fit in with the crowd you know?! I tried, but I always saw and felt things differently and what came with that “beauty” was at the time I believed I was awkward and rejected. So it didn’t seem so beautiful at the time because I was just looking to be accepted and validated by others. I think that’s understandable. I thought I had to be like “them” in order to be accepted. I really did try. Most of my life I tried this facade, but I felt a hole in my heart and I wanted to simply FEEL BETTER. I just didn’t think I had the power to do so. I WAS WRONG. When the layers started falling down, I began seeing and hearing more truth. The truth of who I really am. Guess what??? Lean in…. you have it in you too!

Listen, I know how hard it can be. Battling with your fears and sometimes y’all these fears we absorb are from our ancestors, our environment, beliefs and perceptions. “So how do I get rid of this”, you might ask? Let me first say, HOORAAAAAAY it is possible. So you can do a quick party dance. First know that it requires YOU! Yeah, the fear of rejection is not going to fall off waving a magic wand. I don’t care how many popular books will tell you other wise. GO EASY ON YOU. You can pray and meditate and ask God to help you, which was how I got to this point in my journey that has helped me tremendously…….BUT YOU have to take action by listening within. That’s where it starts. You’ve got to recognize what you have been listening to. It’s so important to get quiet with you and ask the questions. I have more helpful tips on my website www.cammieknight.org but for now here’s some tips.

Ask yourself, “why do I have the fear of rejection?” Often times, we don’t even know why we respond the way we do. For some, they think or you “may” think that you don’t have the power to release from it. It may have been the illusion of your security blanket. I totally understand that reasoning, I’m here help you shed light on that dark illusion.

You can be your own healer. You don’t have to WAIT, no one is going to do it for you. This does not mean to attack your fears with vengeance. This creates anxiety and we just don’t heal that way. It starts with a simple step. Listening within is KEY. You may feel the need to journal your feelings, meditate, pray, affirm with positive intention, envision yourself coming out of your fears and walking in power, love and truth. Love is power, love is truth. It is all about love! You have the power to go easy on you. You have the power to tell yourself, “it’s not your fault,” you have to power to LOVE. You must LOVE you first. You cannot give, what you do not accept or own within yourself. It has to be truth for you first. This will change your beliefs and remove a lot of fear and distorted beliefs and perceptions. Let people who you’ve experienced hurt with off the hook. This will release the pain off of you and will give you security within yourself to walk in your power. Love is power. GO EASY on you, it may take some time and that’s okay! 😉

Truth is, rejection from others may feel horrible but it can be the opportunity to see the truth that lies WITHIN YOU. You don’t have to be hostage of your past fears, it’s not who you are. God has the power to help you, you have the power within you. Any and everything and everyone is around you to support you. You will see this truth more and more when the static clears.

Until next time, I’ll see you later. (Take care of you)

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