A Clearer Perspective About Trust. Could Your Distortion Of Trust Start From Your Childhood?

Hello, and thanks for dropping by. You know this topic has been with me for quite sometime as I’ve wrestled with this, healed, and expanded in love on a conscious level. I’ve found it quiet benefiting in my life, as I’ve “unlearned” and peeled ALOT of layers off of me. These layers were fear base and I wanted to get to the root of it.

Quick background of myself, I’ve always seen things differently. It became evident that I was different for a reason and through my own “dark night” of the soul, God help guide me through and heal from those layers of beliefs, perceptions, bad image(s) and view of myself. The low vibration energy that was stored in my system. The process of elevation was no walk in the park for me, but I can honestly say I had help every step of the way and I am better because I kept moving. I kept believing, even when it didn’t feel like it. There was always help for me in each step and if you are in similar transformation, I’m here to say that there is help for you every step of the way! If you think long enough, you will see that help was and is there for you. There was a time when I didn’t believe this to be true, but I kept going and with each step I began the treasure unlock within me.

I know what it feels like to feel stuck, but there is always a way out. ALWAYS, it just may take sometime to believe it and that’s okay too!

So let’s get down to the topic at hand on today. You know, I heard people say, and I’ve said as well “I Have Trust Issues.” Well, let’s define that! First let me share my own story about having “trust issues.” It was something that I felt validated in saying. I thought that by speaking and believing that as my truth, that it would be my protector in life. However, where did that perspective come from? It had to have come from somewhere! On my search within of “unlearning” I began seeing the root to that layer of fear. It started from my childhood. I was raised to believe and my perspective through my environment about trust was “guilty until proven innocent and in your proving to be innocent, you would always be considered guilty……NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU’D TRY! I know, pretty tough huh?! Well honey it’s true…lol! I had to work through that thing and IT WAS HARD.

I was shown that because this was my believe, I was creating that as my reality! I thought it was other people, but the truth be told I was calling it in. It was stored in my subconscious mind as my truth. Now, there was nothing that happened to me as a child, but because my parents had this belief as their truth I took it in as my truth. I’d find myself in a battle and not even know I was the enemy against myself. Now grant it here, I am not excusing the people who were in my life where I experienced hurt from. I am not saying that other people’s stuff will not affect you because in truth it does. Let’s be honest here, BUT and a BIG emphasis on the BUT, although it may have happened to you when you were a child. Although, it may have happened to you, OUT of your own control. You may have even been abused by a parent, family member, or friend. Whomever you trusted or looked up to. You also may have just, been around it energetically and took someone else’s fears as your own. There are many reasons why you or someone else may have trust issues. I’m here to ring the bell and tell you that “if” you are finding these agreements unsettling to your soul. If you are finding these agreements as a repetitive cycle in your life and you would like to end this cycle in your life, I’m here to tell you THAT YOU CAN and it can start NOW. So here are some tips.

1. Ask yourself, “why do I have trust issues and where did this stem from?” getting to the root will help bring about clarity

2. Show grace to yourself when the layers and truth comes up to the surface. Being kind to you is love. Beating up yourself for having these fears will not help you and nurture you. If you do not know how to show grace to yourself, start with one thing. Simply saying “it’s okay…..it’s okay.” You may want to think of something comforting, that soothes you as the layers come up. I did this exercise with a friend who is also an Psychologist. Her name is Dr. Brinell Anderson. She recommend when these hidden wounds come up to the surface to go to a place, a person, an animal, a thing in your mind that brings you comfort. I have found this exercise to be very comforting.

3. Spend quiet time with yourself. Your inner being will guide you to nurture yourself while you heal. You may feel the need to go for a walk, listen to music, drink tea, take a nap, watch a favorite movie etc. Listening to your inner being will allow your system to heal and reboot itself.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading. This process is truly possible. I’m a walking testament to total healing. Please do not be mistaken when I say “total healing” as a place of perfection. Total healing is about the awareness of the truth of who you are consciously and how it physically can manifest through time. Show grace to you always! Love is always for you!

If you’d like extra help, check out my website www.cammieknight.org. Until next time!

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